Covid19 update

Information about the current Covid19 situation in Ecuador

Last update: February 16, 2023
Please note: The situation regarding the coronavirus and associated measures in Ecuador are subject to change. We recommend that you request the latest information from us.

Rules upon entering Ecuador

There are currently no rules in effect regarding covid vaccinations and PCR and/or antigen tests for travelers arriving to Ecuador.

Health declaration form
Filling out a health declaration form is no longer required, except for people who show one or more of the following symptoms: high temperature, cough, general malaise, loss of smell, loss of taste or skin rashes. The health declaration form can be filled out online (click here) or upon arrival at one the airport in Ecuador.

Rules upon entering Galapagos

There are currently no rules in effect regarding covid vaccinations and PCR and/or antigen tests for travelers arriving to Galapagos.

The current situation in Ecuador & Galapagos

These are the main measures currently in force:

  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory in the following places and situations:
    1. In hospitals, clinics and labs.
    2. For people who show airway related symptoms of covid.
  • In public spaces (such as supermarkets, restaurants and shops) you might be asked to measure your temperature with a contactless infrared thermometer, to wash your hands or use antibacterial gel or you might be asked to spray a mist of alcohol spray over your clothing/body for disinfection. However, this is not obligated.

In addition, the national advice of keeping a distance of 2 meters and washing hands regularly applies. Almost every Ecuadorian leaves the house with a small bottle of disinfecting gel or alcohol spray. These are – just like washable and disposable face masks – widely available in shops and pharmacies.

Things to keep in mind regarding Covid19

Conduct a PCR test or other Covid19 test in Ecuador 

If you need to have a Covid19 test performed in Ecuador, you can do this in relatively many places in the country. Most labs guarantee a PCR test result within 48 hours, although some have a 24-hour deadline. The legal maximum price for PCR tests performed in Ecuador is $45.08. Results of an antigen test or rapid test are available more quickly. Please note that labs may be closed on weekends. You can always contact us for advice and consultation if you want to perform a Covid19 test in Ecuador. 

Obligations upon return to your own country or transit country

We recommend that you keep a close eye on the local laws and guidelines in your home country (and possible transit countries). For example, there may be rules in force regarding mandatory tests before the flight back home, (mandatory) quarantine after return and possibly a national and/or European flight ban. Such policies are still subject to change when you are already traveling in Ecuador.

Health insurance for medical expenses in Ecuador

It is not mandatory to take out medical (travel) insurance to enter the country. However, we strongly recommend that you insure yourself for any medical expenses incurred during your stay in Ecuador. You can insure yourself for this through travel insurance or sometimes through your regular health insurance. We always recommend reading the fine print of the insurance policy to ensure that medical expenses incurred in Ecuador are covered. Also, some of our partner tour operators and/or Galapagos cruises may require valid health insurance. 

Cancellation insurance

If a journey in whole or in part cannot take place due to developments regarding Covid19 in Ecuador, the home country (or any transit countries) or due to personal circumstances, the situation is regarded as force majeure. In that case, Adore Ecuador Travel is not responsible for the loss of the right to use booked services, any additional costs, delays, movements or acts of a government or authority.

If your trip is canceled in whole or in part, you may be entitled to a (partial) refund. In many cases it is also possible to reschedule a trip to a later moment, whether or not against payment of additional costs that may result. For more information we refer to our Terms and Conditions.

We strongly recommend taking out cancellation insurance. When taking out cancellation insurance, it is advisable to inquire about the specific conditions for cancellation related to Covid19.

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