Experiencing Exotic Ecuadorian Cuisine

Food is one of the most important and most recognizable cultural source in which travelers can find differences from their own culture. Some are acceptable and easy to experience, but some dishes are often difficult to just try out. Here are 5 strange Ecuadorian food that I still haven’t tried out yet! 

1. Cuy

Cuy is the Spanish word for guinea pig. As you search for typical Ecuadorian food, cuy comes out first a lot of times because it is the most traditional and most famous Ecuadorian dish. It is not an attractive option for some travelers since it is grilled with maintaining its own shape. However, those who have tried this food say the taste itself is not that special but the way it looks like can bother some people. Cuy is usually served with potatoes, corn and avocado.

2. Chontacuro

When you are being confronted with Chontacuro for the first time, you will naturally imagine this a typical delicacy from the jungle. Some people Chontacuro wouldn’t even try this because it is a worm! However, Chontacuro is a common snack for some indigenous groups of the Amazon. This worm can be served fried or grilled.

3. Yahuarlocro

Yahuarlocro is a light Ecuadorian soup with potatoes, milk and lamb meat including lamb intestines, liver, lung, tongue, etc. The most unique part of this dish is that it contains the blood. The name comes from the Kichwa words yawar  (blood) and lukru (soup) -“blood soup”. It is usually served with fried clogged lamb blood.

4. Cuerito

Cuerito is fried pig skin. Normally, it is enjoyed as a snack for Ecuadorians. Cueritos are usually pickled in vinegar or a spicy sauce.The vinegar can be seasoned with pineapple, dulce macho (piloncillo), cloves, peppercorns, chile de árbol and oregano.

5. Guatita

Guatita is a beef trip stew. It is usually eaten with rice. The interesting ingredient of this dish is that it includes a cow stomach. Although it seems like it is just like a normal beef, it will taste different when you try!

Are you ready to try out these foods from the Ecuadorian cuisine?

Written by: Jin

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