Papallacta: Relaxation in the middle of the Andean Nature

Sometimes traveling is not only to see tourist attractions and make oneself busy to walk around the city. Once in a while it is necessary to relax and enjoy some peaceful moments while traveling or to break your routine! Papallacta is not far away from Quito, but just far enough to avoid the stressful city atmosphere, your busy plans and work routine.

Papallacta is famous for its hot springs. Termas de Papallacta has two entries: the Spa and Balneario. The balneario are the public baths which cost $9 per person (adult price) while the Spa costs $23 per person. If you are not planning to enjoy the real spa with water massage pools and the private massage therapy, going to the cheaper one is big enough to relax in the middle of the mountains! The pools are clean and warm. There is a special pool with river water which is quite cold. Although the whole hot spring area looks like a outdoor swimming pool, people tend to relax in the hot water instead of actually swim here.

You can rent a locker by paying $0.50 with a $5 deposit and a towel for $1 with a $5 deposit also. It is recommended to bring sunscreen since the sun is quite strong enough to get a sun burn easily!

So Papallacta is only about 2 hours away from Quito. Firstly, you take a bus from either Rio Coca or La Vicentina neighborhood to Cumbaya. Here you get off the bus at Scala Shopping Centre. At this bus stop you can take any provincial bus that goes to Baeza or Tena. It is around 45 minute ride and the cost from Cumbaya to Papallacta is about $2.50 per person. Tell the bus driver to drop you off at Papallacta. From here you can take a taxi to the hot springs. Another option is to take a direct bus from Quitumbe to Papallacta.

How about taking a nice day off and relax in Papallacta?

Written by: Jin

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