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Ecuador & Galapagos

Are you considering Ecuador for your next holiday? Great choice! Whether this will be your first visit to South America, or you are looking for a country that can still surprise you after having traveled through other countries in this continent: Ecuador won’t let you down.

Ecuador is being called the ‘country of 4 worlds’ for a good reason. It offers plenty of culture and nature in the most diverse ecosystems of the world. Discover Ecuador’s stunning colonial city centers, breathtaking landscapes, meet its indigenous communities and observe the most amazing Amazon and Galapagos wildlife.

On this page you’ll find lots of inspiration for round trips in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. You could travel the country between roughly 10 and 30 days. Compared to other countries in South America, Ecuador is relatively small and therefore easy to travel through. Besides, the cultural friendliness and hospitality is unique. Ecuadorians make it easy to feel at home while being so far away.

Round Trips in Ecuador & Galapagos

Amazing Andes (15 days)

This 15-day program covers the absolute highlights of the Ecuadorian Andes! In two weeks’ time you will discover stunning colonial city centers…

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Best of Ecuador (22 days)

This 22-day program covers the absolute highlights of the Ecuadorian Andes, the Amazon and the coast! In three weeks’ time you will discover…

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Best of Ecuador & Galapagos (22 days)

This 22-day program covers the absolute highlights of the Ecuadorian Andes, the Amazon and the Galapagos islands! In three weeks’ time you will…

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Do you want to get a better idea of all that Ecuador has to offer? We created a map with the most interesting destinations to visit. Navigate around and get inspired for your own trip to Ecuador.

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