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Traveling the Galapagos Islands on a Cruise

Discovering the Galapagos by cruise has many benefits. First of all, it allows you to visit unique places that are not possible to visit from the main islands. Although a cruise itinerary will always include some activities on places that are also accessible for day visitors, overall it is still the best way to get to the most pristine locations. The Galapagos National Park set up a daily visitor limit for each of these spots, which guarantees the best chances for you to observe endemic wildlife.

Every guide operating on the Galapagos has to be certified and licensed by the government to work inside the national park. However, their knowledge, experience, service level and foreign language proficiency may vary a lot. In general, you could say that great guides can be found aboard Galapagos cruises. Plus, when you are on a cruise, you will have a guide with you at all times to answer you questions and learn more about the incredible environment that you are in.

Another great thing about going on a cruise is that everything will be already arranged for you. You won’t lose any valuable time planning and organizing your accommodation, tours, transportation and meals, which makes that you will see the most highlights as possible in your desired time frame. Most Galapagos cruises have two (or three) main activities planned every day, of which most of the time at least 1 snorkel activity. Did you know that the underwater wildlife is as diverse, if not even more diverse, than the fauna on the islands itself?

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