The top 3 Hidden Beaches in Ecuador

Ecuador is a naturally blessed country. Along the coast line, there are numerous vocational destinations where travelers and locals enjoy spending time. On top of famous beach locations like Montañita and Puerto Lopez, there are also some hidden coastal paradises.

1. Canoa

Canoa is located near Bahia. If you travel from Quito, there is no direct bus to Canoa so transfer from Bahia is inevitable but it this only takes less than 30 minutes. It is a small town but the beach itself is quite clean and calm. Many surfers enjoy the waves. A lot of restaurants are located with the view of the Pacific ocean which makes your day even more special and romantic.

2. Mompiche

One day I was searching for more information about recommended beaches in Ecuador. When I read about Mompiche, it sounded like a place like Canoa: calm and relaxed. It can be reached from the bus from Esmeraldas but there is no direct bus from Quito. Although the way to get here is not the easiest, with sufficient time it’s worth to explore this coast destination.

3. Same

Same is a small beach town near Esmeraldas. It has a view like a southern European country. Although the town is comparatively small, it has a calm and shallow beach for swimming and a long coastline walk path. Plus, Same is close to Atacames where you can enjoy some night life.

Written by: Jin

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